In 1984, with the encouragement and support of the City of Oceanside, a separate non-profit corporation, Oceanside Community Service Television Corporation (KOCT) was formed.
KOCT was made responsible for providing Public, Educational, and Government (PEG) access programming to the citizens of Oceanside.
We Are Your Channel
KOCT-The Oceanside Channel is celebrating over 20 years of community television service in the City of Oceanside. Oceanside Community Television (KOCT) is a non-profit Corporation that provides public, educational and government access programming and services on Cox Communications Channels 18 and 19, as well as on AT&T. KOCT also hosts a website, koct.org, on which both channels are available via “streaming” video as well as many programs that are available “on-demand”.
KOCT provides "live" coverage and replays of all City Council meetings, produces and airs documentaries, local sports, talk shows and innumerable other community programs. KOCT also provides Community Bulletin Boards so that government and local non-profit agencies can publicize their events.
KOCT is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors representing various segments of the community and operates with a 10-member full-time staff and the assistance of part-time students and volunteers.
A contract agreement with the City of Oceanside stipulates that KOCT is responsible for Public, Educational, and Government (PEG) access. KOCT's channel 19 is the Government Channel with City-related information and programming. The County Television Network (CTN) is also shown on channel 19.
Channel 18 -The Community Channel provides a range of programming including public and educational access, local origination and the California Channel. Both Channels 18 and 19 are in operation 24 hours a day.
KOCT supplies all of the technical assistance and equipment for the production of its programs. It augments its professional staff with part-time workers and student interns from local colleges. The station provides invaluable experience for individuals interested in telecommunications careers. Student interns and interested volunteers can obtain valuable on-the-job experience.
KOCT's continued success and growth will ensure that the people of Oceanside retain a mass media platform well into the 21st century. KOCT's award-winning programs and services have brought national recognition and acclaim to The Oceanside Channel. In 2008, KOCT received the Alliance for Community Media Award for Overall Excellence in the Hometown Video Awards competition and KOCT’s Russell Ferguson won an Emmy Award for Climate TV in the category of Children’s Programming.
KOCT prides itself on its responsiveness to community desires, needs and suggestions and welcomes your comments.

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