Thursday, May 29, 2014


The Bob Bowditch Scholarship fund was established by Ida Bowditch upon the passing of KOCT’s founder, Bob Bowditch in 1989. Every year annually KOCT awards a small scholarship to Oceanside or El Camino High School graduates whose intent is to have a college major in communications or media studies. Our 2014 Scholarship Recipient is Joshua Montiel from El Camino High School. In his application he wrote “A good film takes you into the story and lets you become a character; you begin to feel the emotions as if you are part of the film itself. It distracts you from everyday stress and worries. For the length of the film nothing else exists but the story you are taking part in”. Watch for Joshua’s appearance on a future Oceanside Spectrum when he will be interviewed by Spectrum Host: Elaine Swann!

Congratulations Joshua!

KOCT’s founder, Bob Bowditch

Speaking of Elaine Swann her latest book “LET CRAZY BE CRAZY” (you can order her book on her website) has just been published and it contains practical examples, tips and advice on the perils of what she calls “Crazy Folk.” Whether in our professional environments or family and personal relationships, they exist. Swann gives sensible guidance on:

How to identify Crazy Folk, How to get rid of toxic Crazy Folk and How to deal with the Crazy Folk in situations where we have no choice, such as work, in volunteer organizations and with family members. Elaine is currently on a coast to coast tour including appearances on television stations all across the county. As you can tell we are Crazy about Elaine who, by the way, will be our host at our June 12th Open House and Forum.

Host, Elaine Swann
  •  Next week, Tuesday June 3rd is Primary Election Day. What will the results mean? Will incumbents lose and be forced to fight for their office in the November election or did they slide to victory over their aspiring challengers? For insightful analysis you’ll want to tune to next Thursday Nights (June 5th- 6 pm / Channel 18) Journalist Roundtable where our first two guests will help in our Election Dissection. Our first guest will be Francine Busby-the Chair of the San Diego County Democratic Party and our second guest will be  the Treasurer of The Republican Party of San Diego County. Both will discuss the outcome of the June primary at both the local and regional level.
Our other two guests will discuss two important subjects in the news: Health Care and the decommissioning of San Onofre Power Plant.

Chris Van Gorder is the President & CEO of Scripps Health—his path to CEO is an unusual journey and Scripps has many health facilities in North County. He’ll discuss changes in health care since the passage of the Affordable Care Act and Scripps plans for health care in North County.

Our last guest will be Councilmember Jerry Kern who is a member of the newly formed Community Engagement Panel which is looking into issues related to the decommissioning of the San Onofre Power Plant.

Our Journalist for next week JRT will be Host Kent Davy, KPBS’s Alison St. John and the Managing Editor for The Coast News, Tony Cagala. Don’t miss JRT- “It’s Good TV”!
  • Finally don’t forget to mark your calendar for Thursday, June 12th from 4pm to 6:30 pm. KOCT is inviting everyone interested in touring your community channel to our annual Open House and Forum! (more in next week’s Community Connection)

          Save the Date-June 12th Open House

Thursday, May 8, 2014


Journalist Roundtable program featuring Bill Horn VS Jim Wood now available as VOD Plus more June Primary Programs

On Thursday night, May 1st, the two experienced candidates for the San Diego County 5th District Supervisor seat faced off in a tense and sometimes testy one-hour program.

Logan Jenkins wrote about the two diverse candidates in his column

As did Kent Davy

You can see for yourself what all the talk is about because the show has now been posted on KOCT.ORG as Video On Demand.  The two candidates appeared together in a forum put on by the Oceanside Chamber of Commerce Political Action Committee and hosted by MiraCosta College. That program has just been posted and you can watch it by clicking here. (Thank you to the Oceanside Chamber of Commerce and MiraCosta College for providing this program.)

All candidates have been invited to participate in all of KOCT’s election programs but not all have decided to participate.  As an example our District Attorney focused Journalist Roundtable program featured Bob Brewer and Terri Wyatt but, unfortunately, incumbent Bonnie Dumanis did not participate.

We have also added to our June Primary Video On Demand series our popular Candidates Statement program featuring Mayor Jim Wood and incumbent Supervisor Bill Horn for the 5th District Supervisor race and candidate Bob Brewer for the District Attorney seat.

If you prefer to watch TV the old fashion way remember ALL of these June 3rd primary election programs will be shown extensively on KOCT throughout the month of May.  Check out our Program Schedule it has a cool search function that makes it easy to type in the name of the program and it will provide you a custom listing of that shows airing dates and times.

Stay informed about the upcoming Election by staying tuned to KOCT-Your Community Channel.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Community Connection

One of the services KOCT has provided for Carlsbad, Oceanside and Vista residents since 1997 is coverage of the Tri-City Medical Center’s Board of Directors meetings.  Tri-City is one of a handful of community hospitals in San Diego County and local homeowners fund and care about this important medical center.  In fact the reason we began covering these meetings is that in the mid-90’s there was talk about privatizing the hospital. Community members and the Board of Directors themselves felt the community needed to be informed if such a decision was going to be made and coverage of their meetings was the first step in keeping the public informed about the workings of their hospital.  

Pictured in today’s blog are some of the talented young people who provide this television service. KOCT rolls its sophisticated Mobile Studio to the hospital and set ups a four-camera shoot on the 4th Thursday of every month and documents the meetings in a style we call ‘live on tape’.  It requires 7 crew members to cover these meetings and every meeting is shown 4 times on KOCT as well as shown on the government channels in the City of Vista and Carlsbad. KOCT also makes each meeting available as Video On Demand (VOD) too.

The Affordable Care Act has brought to the publics attention the cost and importance of health care and KOCT is proud that we’ve been bringing the public’s attention to our local health care facility for seventeen years.  A shout out and thanks to the KOCT talented crew who carry the tripods, cameras and cables down a flight of stairs once a month to keep our community informed!