Thursday, November 20, 2014


KOCT mission, goal and purpose is to inform our north county community about people, places and events in north county. It was easier to do when television and traditional daily newspapers were the main source of news and information. But oh how times have changed! Todays residents now receive their entertainment and information from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, smart phones, I pads and the Internet, on a minute by minute information tsunami!

Fortunately KOCT is not alone in our quest to inform north county residents. KOCT is teaming up with other media professionals in north county so it is easier to watch KOCT’s many programs.

Today, for example, added KOCT to its front page mast head to make it easy to see the latest KOCT News Brief. Steve Marcotte is the managing editor for this on-line newspaper and he is already registering 30,000 views per month!, in addition to up to the minute news coverage, provides human interest stories, business, sports, health and more.

I first heard about this new media resource when he added former KOCT Board member, Tom Morrow, as a regular columnist. Tom is well known throughout north county and his column was greatly missed by many readers after the demise of the North County Times. It is great to be in partnership again with old friend Tom Morrow and with new friend, Steve Marcotte and the!

(Steve will be one of our guests in our new season of Journalist Roundtable on  January 8th  2015-stay tuned)

Thursday, November 13, 2014


Last week KOCT joined scores of non-profits in honoring valued volunteers. The event was the 27th Annual Volunteer Awards Luncheon hosted by the North County Philanthropy Council at the Sheraton Resort. On Thursday November 6th when KOCT’s volunteer Gwen Price went to the podium to be acknowledged by the hundreds of participants in attendance the Master of Ceremonies said: "Gwen Price has the record for serving the most terms as a volunteer KOCT Board of Director. She is an active supporter and cheerleader for her community television channel and is also the only KOCT Board member to park her Harley-Davidson motorcycle in front of a KOCT fundraising event."

Of course there is more to Gwens story of service and commitment she is a great example of the diversity and community involvement that has characterized KOCT volunteer board of directors. Let’s learn a little more about Gwen:

Gwen came to Oceanside as so many residents have when her husband Rick received orders to go from Okinawa, Japan to Camp Pendleton where, coincidently, Gwen’s parents had recently moved to Oceanside.

Gwen, who received her Bachelors and Masters Degree in Communication from California State University in Los Angeles, has taught in many places because of her husbands 21 years in the Marine Corps. She taught Public Speaking aboard the aircraft carrier, USS Peleliu and was an English and Writing Instructor at the Staff NCO Academy on Camp Pendleton as well as at local colleges in the area.   

Gwen served a 4-year term on the Oceanside Planning Commission because "I was watching Oceanside heading towards a sole existence as a bedroom community and realized that was not a financially viable way to go…my desire to see controlled growth was what compelled me to throw my hat in the ring." It was this same motivation that later inspired her to run for Mayor in 1996 "A city needs to run as a business and for the benefits of residents" it should never be a "kingdom".

When Gwen was asked "Why do you volunteer at KOCT?" she replied "I think we are so fortunate that the station provides our residents access to local news, events, people and places." Gwen has helped greatly in KOCT’s success most recently in working closely with our Fundraising Chair, Michelle Bray-Davis at our Outback Steakhouse fundraiser.

As mentioned in the opening Gwen is the only board member to show up at events on her Harley Davidson motorcycle. She and her husband both ride the big bikes and Gwen also rides with a group of women called ‘The Graveyard Gamblers Motorcycle Club’. Gwen and Rick have one son a daughter-in-law and ‘two adorable twin granddaughters who turned 5 in September’.

One of Gwen’s (and KOCT’s staff) favorite memories is volunteering to be an actress in a humorous video promo for KOCT where she and former KOCT board member Kevin Stotemeister (shown in photo above) appeared to stumble out of the famous Red Rooster drinking establishment and drive the KOCT Mobile Studio.

KOCT is so grateful for Gwen’s many years of service not only to KOCT but to our community. Her recognition at the Volunteer Awards luncheon was long overdue. Thanks Gwen!!