Monday, September 19, 2016

KOCT Fundraiser at Outback Steakhouse

A weekly blog from Tom Reeser, KOCT’s Executive Director

Have a great lunch AND help KOCT-North County’s Channel on October 14th

You’re not going to want to miss the 14th Annual KOCT Outback Steakhouse Fundraiser on Friday, October 14th.  It will be a great chance to help your community television station produce programs for, by and about our north county community.  Tickets are only $25 and you’ll have your choice of salmon, chicken, pork or steak AND every table will get a blooming onion! We’ll have raffles, silent auction and you’ll get a free KOCT gift.

Stop by the KOCT studios to buy your tickets or go online and use a credit card.

We have seatings at 11:30 am and 1 pm. Take your staff to lunch—the Outback Steakhouse is conveniently located near Highway 78 & I 5 at 2485 Vista Way in Oceanside, 92054—and your donation may be tax-deductible.

Too busy to attend but want to help?  Buy tickets and we’ll donate them to military families on Camp Pendleton—a win-win for everyone.

KOCT is the community channel because of your support—we could not produce our many Election 2016 programs, for example without the support of local business and community members.
One such supporter is the proprietor of the Outback Steakhouse, Janice Koehler, who, for over 14 years, has demonstrated her commitment to locally produced television by hosting our annual fundraiser. Thanks Janice!

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Election Programming

A weekly blog from Tom Reeser, KOCT’s Executive Director

It appears that this year’s voter will face a challenging number of complicated, wordy and important ballot measures.  Voters will need to review numerous pages with extensive detail about potential bonds, development initiatives and propositions.

KOCT has been producing a number of Election 2016 programs to help you become an informed voter about candidates and issues in our North County.  ALL of these programs will be replayed extensively in September & October on KOCT and right up to the November election. Additionally, all of these programs can be seen as Video On Demand via KOCT.ORG on your computer, smart phone or tablet.

So become an informed voter.  CLICK on our VOD Election 2016 list of programs and learn more about the candidates who seek office in north county and about the many bonds and initiatives facing the electorate in 2016. Here are the KOCT programs that will be available now and in October on KOCT-North County’s Channel:

Journalist Roundtable (recorded 9-1-16)

·        Proposition A (SANDAG Bond)
·        Lilac Hills Development Initiative
·        Measure MM- (MiraCosta College Bond)

Journalist Roundtable (will record on 10-6-16)

·        Oceanside City Council Candidates
·        Oceanside Mayoral Candidates

Voice of North County (will record on 10-4-16)

·        Tri-City Medical Center

·        Oceanside Unified School District
·        Oceanside Treasurer

Oceanside Chamber of Commerce Forums (Recorded at & by MiraCosta College on 9-22-16 & 9-27-16 and available on KOCT in October)

·        Oceanside Unified School District Board of Trustees
·        Tri-City Medical Center Board of Directors
·        Oceanside City Council Candidates
·        Oceanside Mayoral Candidates

KOCT’s Candidate Statements- All candidates were invited to submit, for no fee, 5 minute statements, or contract with KOCT to record their statements in the KOCT studio.
Candidates Statements was a free * election season  service until City of Oceanside funding to KOCT was cut and our contract obligation to produce ANY Election program was eliminated. KOCT continues, however, to produce election programs as part of our Mission to serve our Community.

KOCT Thanks Underwriter Federal Heath Signs for their generous support of KOCT’s Election 2016 programming. 
The San Luis Rey Rotary Club also made a donation to assist KOCT in producing these expensive Election programs.  Thank you SLR Rotary!

 * The $250 fee KOCT charges for Candidate Statements  pays for the staff, studio time, preparation , editing and replays required to produce these optional programs.  

Monday, August 8, 2016

Equipment Upgrade at City Hall

A weekly blog from Tom Reeser, KOCT’s Executive Director

Big changes are coming to the Oceanside Council Chambers when the council returns from summer break for their August 10th, 5 pm meeting. The City’s IT Department has added new equipment and technology.  Back in 1981, Oceanside was one of the first cities in San Diego County to videotape their meetings and in the beginning it was accomplished by volunteers and City Staff members working together in the old City Council chambers. 
Here’s a picture of how KOCT used to cover the meetings—three camera operators, a floor director in the Council Chambers and a Director and Audio member out in the City AV trailer—which was towed to and  parked outside the old City Council chambers  for each meeting.

All of the TV monitors were in black and white, and no matter how we tried the Hitachi camera pictures had a slight green tinge to them. In the early days the cable company would only give KOCT 2 hours of air time-- so the floor director’s job was to take notes so that the Editor could select the most popular or important agenda items and edit the 4 hour meeting down to two hours. We then had to drive the ¾” U-Matic tape to the cable company for airing!

In the late 80’s the cable company provided a channel for us to share with MiraCosta College and we were able to air the entire council meetings—first as tape delayed and later ‘live’ as the meetings happened.

In 1989 Bob Bowditch, the founder of KOCT, and Chief Engineer William ‘Mr. Bill’ Sinatra were excited about the new Civic Center being built with plans that included a new larger room for City Council meetings. However, they were aghast to discover that no plans had been included to upgrade, improve or change how the council meetings were to be videotaped. Anyone who knew Bob knows what happened next. Bob and Mr. Bill sat down over many hurried weeks and designed the basic AV system structure of robotic cameras, projector, audio and director’s console. Here is the last picture I have of Bob Bowditch and Mr. Bill working on Chamber drawings at Bob’s Fire Mt. home. Bob died from brain cancer before he was able to see his final work in the new civic center.

The cameras have been repaired and modified many times since then, but starting in August all of the Robotics, Cameras and Directing equipment will be replaced with new high-definition cameras and all digital equipment.

KOCT is working with the City’s outstanding IT department who oversaw and implemented this improvement to the City Council chambers. A big shout out of thanks to the City’s Information Technology Department Manager Yukari Brown and IT Specialist Dave Riha for their leadership on this project.  
A look at the new system                            KOCT crew on site for training session

Check out the new look by watching the next meeting ‘live’, via replay or on the City’s YouTube channel. Joint meetings of the Oceanside City Council, Community Development Commission (CDC), and Harbor Board of Directors are typically held on two Wednesdays of each month at 5:00 pm and are broadcast live at KOCT-North County’s Channel  19 through Cox Cable or on AT&T’’s U-Verse channel 99 channel. Replays can be viewed the following Thursday at 2:00 pm, Saturday at 11:00 am, and Sunday at 5:00 pm

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Random Pixels

A weekly blog from Tom Reeser, KOCT’s Executive Director

A good way to find out what is happening in the city is to check out this months  July Oceanside Update. This program is a co-production between the City of Oceanside and KOCT.  You’ll find out about art events, what’s going on at the Sunset Market and a variety of events and programs hosted by our Parks and Recreation department. Check it out!
What is a ‘zero waste city’ and why is Oceanside one? To find out click on: “Oceanside is a Zero Waste City”.   This television program  is one in a series of new North County Voice programs. Our guest for this informative program was Colleen Foster, who has been a advocate and leading expert in our region on recycling.  Each year the state demands more of communities to try and divert waste from landfills, and Colleen explains how Oceanside is adapting to the new requirements.

Each year Eternal Hills Memorial Park on El Camino Real features a special Memorial Day ceremony.  They honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice and if you missed this moving event, click here.  

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Random Pixels

A weekly blog from Tom Reeser, KOCT’s Executive Director
·       The Alliance for Community Media is a national organization of community television station members similar to KOCT.  They are currently having their annual conference in Boston and we received news from the conference that   KOCT won a Hometown Media Video Award.  KOCT’s talented Jon Beltz shot and edited some of the innovative footage and KOCT’s Micheyl Steinway polished the promo video for KOCT’s Journalist Roundtable. Congratulations team.  Watch the promo now!

·       Speaking of Journalist Roundtable, I hope you caught last weeks ‘live’ television show.  If not, click here.  We had a diverse guest list and our three journalists honed in on important north county topics.  Viewers who want to be informed about local issues should watch—and share with your neighbors who may not be aware of KOCT’s informative, award-winning monthly program.
JRT Host Kent Davy is joined each month by Journalist Alison St. John & Logan Jenkins
Mark Jackson was our first guest. He and some local community groups, ( ), are opposed to the proposed Lilac Hills development planned for northern Escondido/Valley Center. (The developer, Randy Goodson, appeared on JRT in May to present his perspective.)
Max Disposti, the Executive Director of the North County LGBTQ Resource Center in Oceanside discussed recent vandalism at their facility that was deemed a hate crime by OPD. In light of the tragedy in Orlando, we asked Max to discuss the progress and peril facing the LGBTQ community.
Linda Culp is the Principle Planner for SANDAG. She discussed the planned expansion and improvement of the Oceanside Transit Center-- a busy southern California mass transportation hub. 
Pastor Steve Bassett was our final guest. He operates the Bread of Life Rescue Mission in Oceanside. The non-profit was formed in 1999 and serves the poor, hungry, and homeless in six North County cities; Pastor Bassett gave a first-hand perspective of their services, his organization, and their future plans.

Journalist Roundtable will go dark in August in anticipation of a busy Election 2016 season of programs.  If you want to be an informed voter for this election you’ll want to watch KOCT-North County’s Channel! Set your DVR for September 1st at 6pm for programming for, by, and about our community.



Thursday, July 7, 2016

Random Pixels

A weekly blog from Tom Reeser, KOCT’s Executive Director

·         Special thanks to the Editor of OsideNews, Steve Marcotte, for his series on this year's Oceanside parade.  Steve was a guest on KOCT’s Journalist Roundtable during his start-up phase and the paper has been very successful and is widely read.  Steve arrived early on Saturday, July 2nd,  to watch the KOCT crew set-up , record, and air the parade ‘live’ on KOCT’s channel 19. KOCT has covered Oceanside parades since the early 1980’s. Thanks to our two volunteer Hosts Kristi Hawthorne and Jim Schroder for once again providing color commentary.  AND thanks to Main Street Oceanside  for Underwriting the parade coverage for this very popular program.   KOCT appreciates the photos and press provided by the OsideNews.  KOCT is in support and solidarity with another local media resource. A great way to stay in tune with your community is to read the AND watch KOCT-Your North County Channel.

BREAKING NEWS:   Congratulations to Editor Miguel Blanco and the entire KOCT crew for winning a Hometown Media Award at the annual Alliance for Community Media in Boston this past weekend. This is a national competition and we won the award for the colorful Journalist Roundtable Promo that Miguel produced.  Great job team!!
Miguel Blanco, Lead KOCT Editor and KOCT Production Supervisor, Angela Miranda

Thursday, June 30, 2016

KOCT Open House

A weekly blog from Tom Reeser, KOCT’s Executive Director

What a delight to welcome so many residents to KOCT’s annual Open House on Tuesday, June 28th!
KOCT Open House visitors
Visitors had an opportunity to be Directors, Camera Operators and even Candidates for public office (& read TelePrompTer lines from San Diego news anchor, Ron Burgundy.)
Eileen Turks new job

& now she's running for office!
Visitors sampled delicious desserts courtesy of Petite Madeline (thanks Christine!), root beer from the new brewing company, Midnight Jack and nutrition bars from KOCT’s neighbor Nii bars.
New Brewery!
MiraCosta College’s Jazz Quartet performed in the KOCT studio and visitors were encouraged to operate and record the concert on professional studio cameras. 
jazz band 
MCC Jazz Quartet
KOCT’s Board of Directors were on hand to answer questions and lead guests on tours of the station.  KOCT’s Station Manager Jacob Rush did a great job leading KOCT’s production team, interns and volunteers on the elaborate set-up of the studio, mobile studio and edit bays.   Mark your calendar for this annual event next April and thanks to everyone who attended. 
Gwen, Liz & Kellie

Ward O Doherty (L) and KOCT Executive Director

Bill, Kellie, Jon & Jake

KOCT IT Specialist Phoenix Von Hendy (L) & visitors

Bill Peters Engineer Lab
More photos to follow but thanks to Eileen Turk, Division Manager/Parks & Rec at City of Oceanside for taking & sharing these ‘first look’ photos.