Thursday, February 23, 2017

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A weekly blog from Tom Reeser, KOCT’s Executive Director

Varsity Boys & Girls Basketball on KOCT!

It was a blustery, rainy night for the KOCT production team to set-up for the return of High School Basketball to KOCT — but it was worth it.  On Friday night February 17th, the Oceanside Varsity Boys and Girls basketball teams faced cross-town rivals El Camino High School.  Both of these games can be viewed on your smart phone, tablet or computer by going to KOCT.ORG and clicking on Video On Demand- Specials . The two games will also be shown throughout the month on KOCT Channel 18 & 19. Check out our Program Schedule for time convenient for the viewers in your house. 

Tune to KOCT - Channel 18, Thursday, March 2nd at 6pm to view the new episode of Journalist Roundtable. This educational and instructive episode will showcase three accomplished, professional women:

Dr. Sunita “Sunny” Cooke is the Superintendent/President of the MiraCosta Community College District. She will be discussing: the $455 million-dollar campus improvement bond, and the new “MiraCosta Promise” –A year of college without fees! 

Dr. Karen Haynes, the longest-serving President of the California State University system sought in a recent community-wide address to debunk the myths and stand up for public higher education. She will discuss this and the launch of CSUSM’s new Engineering programs and many other successes.

Margery Pierce, the Director of Neighborhood Services for the City of Oceanside. She will discuss the challenges of finding housing in one of the most expensive housing markets in the nation and the growing homeless problem in our county.

The host of this long-running monthly series is Kent Davy, the former Editor for the North County Times. He will be joined by Alison St. John, the KPBS North County Bureau Editor, and North County Editor for the San Diego Union-Tribune, Melanie Marshall.

Viewers in Oceanside can watch via Cox Cable on KOCT Channel 18, as well as county-wide on AT&T’s U-Verse service (Channel 99). Stream us live on and on your smart phone or tablet by clicking here. Stay in tune with your community by tuning into KOCT-Your Community Channels!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Random Pixels

A weekly blog from Tom Reeser, KOCT’s Executive Director

Tune-In for KOCT’s “live” boys and girls Basketball coverage this Friday night!

Oceanside Unified School District (OUSD) and KOCT have partnered to air the varsity basketball games between hometown rivals Oceanside High School (OHS) and El Camino High School (ECHS).
The games will be aired live from Oceanside High School on Friday, Feb. 17 starting at 5:30 p.m. on KOCT’s community channel 18.  Announcers Art Root and Kenneth Wright will call the on-court action. Wright is an assistant principal at Oceanside High School and a graduate of El Camino High School. 

The games will be replayed back-to-back on Saturday, Feb. 18 at 7 p.m. and Sunday, Feb. 19 at 7:30 p.m. on Channel 18. KOCT will replay the games throughout the month of February on Channels 18 and 19 Cox Cable in the City of Oceanside and county-wide on AT&T’s U-Verse Service, Channel 99. 

Viewers can also go to KOCT.ORG where both channels are Streamed and, later in the week, the games will be posted as Video On Demand. Viewers can watch the games on their smart phones, tablets or computers. 

Did you know that the human heart beats about 100,000 times a day and over 2.5 billion times in a lifetime? Its no wonder Tri-City Medical Center has devoted all of February to such a hard worker.  

In recognition of Heart Health Month KOCT has a new Community Health Matters on this important topic. Our guests include Dr. El-Sherief, Cardiologist and Sharon Schultz, the Chief Nurse Executive. Find out about their comprehensive heart risk assessment which will tell you about the health of your heart.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Random Pixels

A weekly blog from Tom Reeser, KOCT’s Executive Director

Dick Lyon, the former Mayor of Oceanside passed away last weekend. Mayor Lyon led an amazing life and was deeply involved in his community. The best way to learn about this talented man might be to hear about his remarkable life in his own words.
Photo Courtesy of Navy Times
In 2006 Mayor Lyon was interviewed by KOCT’s Tim Aldrich in a two-part series called “One on One”.  Starting Monday, February 13th through the rest of the month on KOCT’s Channel 18 we’ll be replaying these programs:

“One on One” – DICK LYON PART 1
M/W/F – 5AM, 5:30PM, 8:30PM

“One on One” – DICK LYON PART 2
T/TH - 5AM, 5:30PM, 8:30PM

“One on One” – DICK LYON PART 1 & 2 (back to back)
SAT/SUN – 8:00AM & 6:00PM

Or if you want to watch these interviews right now on your Smart Phone, Computer or Tablet got to KOCT.ORG and Click Video on Demand: History Stories
Or click on these links:  Video On Demand Part 1 /    VOD Part 2

I often bumped into Mayor Lyon when I was surfing or bodyboarding in front of his house. When he was in his 70’s I would often see him returning from an Ocean swim from far out past the pier.  He was one of a kind and will be missed.

Elaine Swan has been the vivacious host of KOCT’s Oceanside Spectrum for many years as well as a successful entrepreneur. As The Etiquette Lady she as appeared on ABC, NBC, CBS and written in national magazines. Get ready to see her in the new FOX survival series Kicking and Screaming Thursday March 9th at 9pm. Congratulations Elaine—out of the comfort of the KOCT studios and into the Jungle. Will she survive? (we hope so)

L-R- Journalist Roundtable Host Kent Davy, KPBS’s Alison St. John, San Diego Union-Tribune North County Editor Melanie Marshall and JRT Producer Tom Reeser just prior to our Feb 2nd ‘live’ show.

KOCT’s Journalist Roundtable had a diverse guest and topic list for our February 2nd “live” television program that will be airing throughout the month of February on KOCT’s Channel 18. (click HERE for program schedule)

Joining the Roundtable Journalists Kent Davy and Allison St. John for the first time was the North County Editor for the San Diego Union-Tribune, Melanie Marshall. 

Our first guest was Irma Cota, President and CEO of North County Health Services President since 1997.  We discussed the impact on health services over the past 8 years of the Affordable Care Act and the potential impact on healthcare with the probable demise of the national healthcare plan. 

Our second guest was Thomas Arnold, a veteran San Diego Journalist whose written for San Diego Union-Tribune, the North County Times and other local papers and magazines. We discussed the results of the recent North San Diego County elections.

Our last two guests explored the topic “How does San Diego County Grow?” 

Representing the perspective of real estate specialists with a perspective on recent land use conflicts was Nathan Moeder, of the London Group.
Representing rural community residents was Sandra Farrell, a member of the Twin Oaks Valley Community Sponsor Group.

You can watch this episode of Journalist Roundtable on your Smart Phone, Tablet or Computer by going to KOCT Video On Demand.