Thursday, August 20, 2015

Random Pixels

OCT’s new series about Oceanside's thriving Arts & Culture scene is funded, in part, by the City of Oceanside’s Arts Commission. One program covered in the series includes the Art Walk in Downtown Oceanside. This program features interviews with artists, visitors, and Art Walk creators, and showcases this cultural gem that takes place every month in Oceanside. This program was Produced and Edited by Angela Miranda. Watch now!
KOCT’s Station Manager Jacob Rush attended the 2015 National conference of the Alliance for Community Media that was held in Pasadena. There he received, on behalf of KOCT, a Hometown Media Award for KOCT’s “18th Annual Inter-Tribal Powwow”. The Hometown Media Awards recognize the best community media programming of 2014, and include student, independent producer, and access center professional categories. Judges scored over 1,000 entries that were submitted from around the country. 

The KOCT crew for this award winning program was:  Producer Angela Miranda, Videographer, Angela Wong and Grip, Tamara Ilich. The program was edited by Brandee Wyse Bovaird. 

Thanks to Promise Yee with The Coast News for an article about two large grants that our Oceanside Public Library received.  KOCT hopes to work with the Historical Society and the Library to tell the Latino story in Oceanside. KOCT has an archive of programs and interviews with Latino residents about our community and their history in Oceanside. We hope with this grant that KOCT can produce additional historical programs. If you know a business or individual who would like to help Underwrite these programs and contribute to Oceanside’s historical legacy please have them contact Tom Reeser at KOCT- 760-722-4433.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Born and Brewed in Oceanside

The Hops Highway is the fun designation of Highway 78 because of the many local breweries that have been established along this route from Oceanside to Escondido. “Born & Brewed: Oceanside” is a new KOCT program about the big impact craft beer is having on Oceanside and is produced by the City of Oceanside and KOCT.
In this video, we speak with Oceanside locals and brewers about the growth of craft beer and its impact on Oceanside’s economy and culture. Hosted by Marie-Claire Lemoine; featuring Chris Cochran of Stone Brewing Company, Mark Mericle and JJ Synder of Legacy Brewing Company, and Jeff and Dande Bagby of Bagby Beer Company. 
The program’s Producer and Editor is the talented Angela Wong who has produced a number of programs for KOCT. This is some of her finest work and I wish her well in her future endeavors!
If you want to watch this new program right now on your Smart Phone, Tablet or Computer Click Here!

 You can catch this new program on KOCT’s Channel 18 and Channel 19 at the dates and times listed below:  

Born and Brewed: Oceanside
(August 2015 playout)
Channel 18
Channel 19
7am, 4pm
3:30pm, 8:30pm
9:30am, 9pm, 11:30pm
8:30am, 6:30pm
4:30pm, 8:30pm
7:30am, 6pm
10:30am, 10pm
8:30am, 3:30pm
2:30pm, 6:30pm
4:30pm, 8:30pm

Thursday, August 6, 2015

A North County Adventure

KOCT had a good turnout for the premier of “A North County Adventure” – the first comprehensive north county tourism video shot in Hi-definition. The short program features beautiful aerial footage of our Pier, Mission and other north county attractions.

In attendance on Tuesday night were KOCT Board Chairman Liz Rhea, Vice-Chair Margret Merlock and board Secretary Kierstin Hill.  Board members Frank Gould and Gwen Price were also part of the festivities. “A North County Adventure” was funded by a Community Enhancement Grant of $10,000. This program was set up using a percentage of Transient Occupancy Tax Revenues to stimulate tourism and promote the economy. KOCT is grateful for the support of the tourism industry, visitors and the San Diego Board of Supervisors who oversee this program.

Hayley Peterson, Kierstin Hill, Cerina De Souza

On hand Tuesday night to see the new video was 5th District Supervisor Bill Horn, Chamber of Commerce CEO David Nydegger and Leslee Gaul, President/CEO of Visit Oceanside Conference & Visitors Bureau.  KOCT thanked Supervisor Horn for his support as well as the three Underwriters for the program:  John Osborne with AT&T, Amber Ter-Vrugt  with Scripps Health and Visit Oceanside’s Leslee Gaul.  The narrator for the program is Meg (Banta) Ford who has worked with KOCT on many projects — you’ll recognize her unique voice from her many years on local radio. 
Leslee Gaul, Supervisor Bill Horn, Tom Reeser

KOCT’s Executive Director, Tom Reeser, explained that a unique aspect of the grant was the creation of a hi-definition video ‘bank’ –images of north county that will soon be available to agencies who promote north county tourism.  Visit Oceanside will administer this service and it fills a long- requested need by agencies hoping to promote tourism in Oceanside and north county but needing iconic footage. They now have it—and in hi-definition.  

Our fearless editor Miguel Blanco

Tom acknowledged that the beautiful images were made possible by the creative team of Station Manager Jacob Rush and Editor Miguel Blanco. Jake produced the program and shot much of the footage including the helicopter aerial footage. KOCT hired a Carlsbad helicopter company for the aerial footage, thus keeping the grant funding in north county.

Icon Helicopters

KOCT has been producing award-winning tourism and promotional videos for over 30 years.  Tourism is a clean industry that creates jobs and brings much needed revenue to our city to help pay for public services, roads and infrastructure.

KOCT will begin airing this new video soon –Watch for the LINK in an upcoming Community Connection!