Thursday, May 26, 2016

Random Pixels

A weekly blog from Tom Reeser, KOCT’s Executive Director

·         KOCT has rebranded our Voice of Oceanside programs to reflect our increased focus on ‘all topics North County’. Our new series, North County Voice will start airing in June and features in-depth interviews with the Oceanside City Councilmembers, the Mayor and City Clerk.  We have a 30-minute program with the Executive Director of SANDAG, Gary Gallegos and a program about the Decommissioning of the San Onofre Power plant. We also interviewed Colleen Foster, a Senior Management Analyst for Oceanside. She leads the city’s successful Green Oceanside and Zero Waste programs. 
At press time the air dates for these programs had not been scheduled but beginning in June you can watch these new North County Voice programs by going to KOCT.ORG and then clicking on Video on Demand and then scroll down to the Voice section. You can watch them on your Smart Phone, Tablet or Computer. Stay informed about your community by staying Tuned to KOCT-Your Community Channel.

Every year KOCT works with the talented video students at Oceanside High School and El Camino High school to produce two special Oceanside Spectrum programs we call High School Spectrum. Go to KOCT’s Video On Demand page and find out what’s going on at our two local high schools! 
Thanks to Sharon Strong, a talented teacher at El Camino High School and to Frank Zimmerman, the instructor at Oceanside High School for working with KOCT and for the great job they do educating these energetic young people!

Congratulations to the KOCT Creative Team for winning a Telly Award!  Shown Here on Left is Editor Miguel Blanco and on the right is Producer/Station Manager Jacob Rush.  KOCT won the Bronze “Peoples Choice Telly” for the feature: “A Really Big Rancho - The Story of the Kelly Family”. This story is one of six segments found in the Adobes and Ranchos of North County collection and brings viewers into the Adobe where Marvin Sipple, Susan Kelly, Pat Kelly, and Karen Kelly tell the historic story of the Kelly Family. The series was written by U-T North County columnist Lola Sherman, produced by Lola Sherman, KOCT’s Executive Director Tom Reeser, and KOCT’s Station Manager Jacob Rush, narrated by Harvey Kaufman, and edited by Miguel Blanco.

·         Thanks to Main Street Oceanside KOCT will again cover this year July 2nd Parade “Live” from our Civic Center location.  You can watch our numerous Video On Demand replays on KOCT.ORG or watch our streaming coverage ‘LIVE’ on KOCT’s Channel 19.

·         Thanks to Frank Zimmerman, Oceanside High School and OUSD KOCT will send our high-definition Mobile Studio to cover this year Oceanside High School Graduation from the Junior Seau Beach Amphitheater.  KOCT’s Engineering staff (Thanks Bill Peters & Phoenix Von Hendy) is working with the City of Oceanside’s amazing IT department to provide ‘live’ coverage of this year’s graduation ceremony. We will also EXTENSIVELY replay this joyous event and make it available as Video On Demand too.

Stay in Tune with your Community by staying tuned to KOCT-Your Community Channel.